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The movement in perspective

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

Perspective is an interesting thing. Represented through art it allows us the opportunity to reflect on the beauty of depth, width and height despite the flat surface. In the three dimensional world however, sometimes perspective can make the multidimensional seem flat.

The relativity of our frame of reference can either tighten or soften the angles in our world. This movement and standpoint of how we perceive our circumstances is the key in creating an opening to our often limited frame of mind.

Have you noticed how at times you might have woken up feeling light and hopeful, to find yourself an hour later, feeling heavy and pessimistic? Strange how quickly our perspective can change. Even more interesting is when we realize that outwardly, nothing had changed in between these two different states, which only adds to our frustration and perplexity of the situation.

At these moments, when we feel ourselves overcome with changing moods and shifting viewpoints, it's important to remember our ability to move out of these stifling moments. Studies show how simply moving our bodies in different ways can alter patterns that limit our mobility. Similarly, creating movement through intentional and powerful breathing, changing our thoughts, our words and our emotional responses, can alter the leftover and intrusive stiffness of outdated patterns.

So, the next time you feel an unwelcome change in perspective, or an unannounced switch in mood, give your body a shake, a twist, a run in place. Breathe deep, strong and long for several minutes, focus your mind on all that is right in your world right now. Repeat statements that will remind you of this, as often as you like. Last but not least, let even the smallest feeling of respect, compassion, admiration for yourself, as well as your efforts and your challenges, support and cradle it all.


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