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Guided Imagery, Meditation, Breathwork

Guided Imagery, as used in psychotherapy, provides opportunities for creating a clearer and relaxed state by which to look at the issues affecting us. It has been has been found to be beneficial and effective in research as it applies to pain, stress and illnesses providing opportunities for greater self awareness and access to inner resources.


Countless studies also demonstrate the benefits of Meditation and Breathwork to increase coherent integration of our physical and emotional functions. Every year more studies are published asserting the beneficial results of a meditation practice to all areas of functioning.

Studies suggest that a consistent meditation practice of as little as 10 minutes per day can help in reducing the symptoms of anxiety, depression, symptoms of stress as well as improve focus, information processing and decision making skills.

Breathing techniques, which are inherent in the practice of meditation, also demonstrate significant benefits to our functioning as it reduces levels of cortisol, elevates moods, can regulate cardiovascular processes and increase focus and clarity of mind. I implement diverse Meditation and Breathwork practices, such as those found in the practice of Yoga, Stress Management techniques, Guided Imagery and other modalities which are successful in mood and nervous system regulation and stabilization. 

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