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These 90 minute in person and online groups will focus on creating opportunities for learning, practicing and experiencing skills that will enhance your ability to regulate, balance, nourish, detox, energize and calm your nervous system.


The experiential groups will offer techniques in movement, yoga (kundalini based), breathwork, guided imagery, sound therapy, meditation, journaling, art therapy and others, that can assist in creating the steadiness and openness needed to manage the stressful situations in our life. 

Finding ways to balance, feel grounded and steady can be done in many ways, for as little as one minute at a time and practiced at any time. Although, this knowledge and wellness goals has always been necessary, it is particularly important at this time. Developing an experiential routine of skills that can create opportunities to release, balance and invigorate us is a useful and supportive activity which benefits all aspects of our life.

Countless of studies suggest and point to the benefits of a consistent relaxation, meditation/breathwork, movement practice where you can create the resilience needed to react to the stressors in your life in a manner that allows for choices, options and more clarity of mind. 

Isa Soler, a US licensed Psychotherapist with specialties in Trauma and a 24 year experience in the field of psychology is a certified Yoga Teacher at the 200hr level both in Hatha (Trauma Informed Yoga for Mental Health) and Kundalini Yoga among many other certifications focused on somatic integrative therapeutic work, including Clinical Hypnotherapy, EMDR, Dance and Movement Therapy, Shamanic Psychology as well as ongoing training in IFS Therapy, Somatic Experiencing and Compassion Focused Therapy.


Joining will be easy using an online platform from wherever you are. Whatever props will be needed will be simple and common, and you can join in later and leave earlier as needed. Information on the groups will be posted on the Expattherapybarcelona Facebook page.

Platform: Online groups are facilitated through Zoom. Participation confidentiality will be maintained as you can rename yourself and keep video turned off.  In person participation is also available due to softening of COVID restrictions in Spain.

Payment: Upon successful advance payment through PayPal a Group access link and access information will be sent to your email. Fees for online groups are 15€ for European participants and $15 for North American participants.

Below find a PDF with information on upcoming group information. Payment info is in the PDF below.

To receive information on the groups please send me your email on the form below.  (Of course, we will never share or sell your email address to a third party.)

Thanks for submitting! We will keep you posted about upcoming events.

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