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Experience life as a practice where all experiences are lived as tools.


I utilize the rich resources of traditional psychotherapeutic approaches; such as, 
- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,
- Mindfulness based approaches,
- Integrative,
- Humanistic psychotherapy,
- Acceptance and Commitment therapeutic         approaches,
- Systemic,
- Value guided modalities,
- Interpersonal psychotherapies and Mind/Body Psychotherapeutic approaches, 
- Internal Family System Therapy

- Neurofeedback
as well as Compassion Focused Therapy, which will continue to expand and develop my capacity to connect and provide perspectives and tools helpful to functioning. 

Each issue and concern a person brings into treatment is not only unique but it also contains the seeds that will help access the solutions to these same issues.

Modalities are explored, integrated and implemented in a personalized and individualized way to fit each person's therapy needs and goals.  

Therapy can offer the opportunity for greater awareness to our issues, as well as increase our understanding and compassion for the ways in which we have dealt with them, and can in very concrete . ways help us to discover and experience ourselves in more expansive, compassionate and connected manner.

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