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Learning how to let the Self's wisdom create integration and healing in and with all our Parts. 


Internal Family Systems Therapy                          (IFS)

Internal Family Systems Therapy, otherwise known as IFS is a holistic, comprehensive system created in the late1980's by Richard Schwartz. It is grounded on the understanding that the practical application of awareness, acceptance and compassion towards ourselves, our beliefs, our expressions, both internally and externally can lead to a more integrated and authentic (free-to-evolve-and-shift ) experience of ourselves.  It very skillfully creates awareness and communication between our Self and the many Parts of us that, due to real life conditions and dynamics were created to protect, guide, hide, etc, our more vulnerable parts.


Through the use of this evidence based system,  a more compassionate awareness can develop that leads to more integration, cohesiveness in our system and in our life in general.  Internal Family Systems Therapy and others have proven effective and beneficial not only in reducing the limiting and incapacitating symptoms of trauma but also developing and expand networks of support, resourcefulness and safety that increase self-regulation. 

am U.S. trained and certified in several trauma informed psychotherapeutic practices and utilize mind/body approaches, such as EMDR, IFS, Neurofeedback, Trauma Informed Yoga and Movement, Trauma Informed Breathwork, CFT, Mindfulness approaches, Guided Imagery, Clinical Hypnotherapy. These modalities have been extensively studied and proven to be beneficial in decreasing symptoms of trauma, including developmental trauma and the accompanying array of cognitive/emotional and physical impairments, such as depression, anxiety, feelings of guilt, shame, panic attacks, grief and isolation.  Most importantly, however, these techniques, among others, have been shown to increase, integration, regulation, resourcefulness and compassion to a new sense of self that allows us to move towards a more authentic expression and experience of ourselves. 

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