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Part of an article that will be published with Metropolitan Barcelona magazine on what we are learning so far.

As we return to the outside world and begin to integrate the new normal into our lives, I wonder if you can consider participating in this exercise that might assist to greater reflection and integration, to more space and understanding as to what you have been through in these last three months. I invite you to spend some time with these questions, you may want to write or record your answers and notice what areas of your life become highlighted as you examine each one. You might consider engaging others, family/friends in this activity as each one reflects and answers these individually. It might be fun to write it all down and place them in a letter that you will mail to yourself many months from now. So for now, as you consider the possibilities inherent in these questions, I remind you to be faithfully kind and understanding to yourself, after all, remember you are living through a worldwide pandemic, no small task.

“What has been most challenging in all of this so far?”

“What has been enjoyable?”

“Have you surprised yourself in how you’ve reacted to things?”

“Are there words that can describe your experience overall so far?”

“What have you let go of so far?”

“What do you feel has been gained up to now?”

“What do you want to change in the near future.”

“What do you want to change in the long term.”

“Is there something you will miss about this time?”

“What would you tell your future self about this time you’ve lived?”

“What would your future self tell you about this time you have lived?”

“What can you tell future generations about this time you’ve lived?”


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