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New Beginnings

A new cycle begins. The flowers and birds return, the northern hemisphere warms with the sun and somehow the hope of new beginnings is restored in us. No matter how many turns of this yearly cycle we may have participated in, spring and the coming promise of new things, can ignite a spark in us. Despite our interest, it's so easy to overlook the newness of things, the simple beginnings of the world around us. Too often the stories, expectations and judgments we surround ourselves with (and often reinforce on a daily moment to moment basis), can act as a barrier to the willingness to experience new beginnings. Simple tools can assist in this process of noticing the new beginnings of each moment. Becoming aware of your breath for instance, can alter a limiting thought loop, from "I do, I need, I wish, I can't" to "I am, It is." So I invite you, at this very moment, to take a deep breath in, feel your chest expand and slowly exhale. Make the exhale longer than the inhale if you can. And again, and again, and three more times. And now notice how subtle yet effective this awareness of your breath can be. Did you notice any shifts in your body? Perhaps something that felt tense before has softened? Or the subtle quieting noise of your mind's thoughts? You may just find how just being aware and intentional of your breath can have such simple and powerful effects. With time and practice you may find that each breath can reveal a new beginning.


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