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Negative to Positive

Have you ever noticed the negative self judgments that pop up for you from time to time? For some of us it is often more than just a passing nuisance, but feel more like a waging inner war.

What's the worst thing you've heard yourself say to yourself? Notice it and notice the way it feels in your body. Most of us are engaged in

this kind of self attack on a daily basis. It's so familiar that it goes unnoticed. These kind of negative self statements not just sabotage the potential of that moment, but program you core beliefs of yourself and your potential, at a subconscious level that could last a lifetime.

I invite you to begin to notice these negative self judgments and statements as they occur. Each time, find the opposite, equal counterpart positive self statement. For example, if I hear myself say to myself, "I can't do this, I'm not good enough", I will find the opposite statement to be something like, "I am good enough and have all the resources I need to do whatever I want to do" or something simpler like, "I am good enough to do all I set myself to do." Once you find that positive statement that fits, repeat it outloud to yourself once, then whisper it to yourself once and then say it quietly within you one more time.

Repeat as often as possible, but for every negative self statement or judgment, repeat the positive statement and judgment in those three ways. You might be surprised how quickly your brain learns to create new pathways to a more positive self judgment of yourself.


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