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Listening to our body's wisdom

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

The body's role in creating, maintaining and changing our functioning is becoming more relevant and crucial in the field of mental health.

The way in which the body remembers sensations, reactions can inform our brain of our ability to not just only feel safe, but of our ability and potential to thrive. Fortunately, these chemical, neurological and physiological patterns, created and maintained for the sake of survival (big and small), can be altered and 'rewired'.

More and more studies show that through the practice of body/mind awareness, breathing techniques, somatic psychotherapeutic practices, guided, intentional and meaningful movement and other trauma informed modalities, these patterns can be beneficially rerouted.

It is becoming clearer that our body's effect on our endocrine, neurological and nervous system can be skillfully and successfully channeled to increase our functioning. Perhaps it's most important benefit is the manner in which this connection of mind/body/body/mind can reset and undo even the most entrenched habits and patterns due to a history of trauma. Hopeful stuff.


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