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Life as Practice

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Things take time here, have you noticed? Once imagined, some things may take years to come to fruition. Each step built upon the previous one, the old suggesting the birth of the new and the new standing firmly but seemingly distant from the old.

Life takes time, it's a practice in doing and being. The tricky part is that it's in the doing and being that we come face to face with life's limitations and the limitless possibilities of hope. The doing carves the space for the thought to manifest, to embody the idea. Without the action, the practice or the being, thoughts remain transient and transparent.

Curiosity and thoughts are, of course, necessary steps in the living of our life. The flash-like silhouette image that awareness leaves behind can make us look in the right direction and begin the exploration of the boundaries of this new suggested place. Awareness and even the most heart felt insight, however, can remain within the realm of thought - not all understanding leads to action and change. Sometimes it's easier to look away, to pretend we never saw the flash of light. But then sometimes the curiosity lingers and the flash continues to go off, creating more clarity around the silhouette of what may be possible and we are urged and moved to do something.

It is in this doing that the form takes place, that the reality is shaped. Once we interact with an idea, it is altered and molded into a three dimensional event. It is in the practice of engaging with the idea, of going back to it again and again, of carving out new ways to reach it and new routes to experience it that change is made. Practice makes the new become old and the unknown become history.

Practice allows us to shape and reroute our habits and the meanings we've assigned to these. Each time we practice moving towards something, the connection to something else is lessened, regardless of how long the latter had held its ground. Through practice we learn to come closer, to open up, however painful that might've been in the past. With practice we learn to speak to ourselves in kinder ways, even if deeply seated criticism had been the mother tongue.

The beauty of practice is its availability, it is accessible and inherent in each resource filled moment. Each time we practice something different, each time we shift, even in the smallest measure, towards a desired goal, a new connection is created. Once in place, practice strengthens and empowers this connection and slowly bit by bit, a bridge is made. There's such kindness inherent in the Practice of life. It is a tool that sculpts without judgment, unbiased and ready to shape life in any direction we will. So be kind to yourself and notice how practice can shape the life you want to live.


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