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Keeping afloat and enjoying the ride

Some days seem to hold so much weight, challenging our very essence and ability to function.

Unexpectedly and without warning we notice the pull and the burden of all things that seem to stack one on top of the other. We struggle and try to keep up, but as with the heavy drag of the ocean's tide, keeping afloat is difficult to say the least.

During these times our thoughts gravitate to

all other difficult moments, to all the ways in which we 'failed' or were 'weak' allowing the tide to drag us down. The negative voices of our past resurface to remind us of how difficult life is and how inept we sometimes are at facing it.

It is at these times that our presence and determination to stand up is most needed, specifically our ability to let ourselves go. At these times we need to call on that part of us that knows how to let go. Letting go of the baggage, the perceptions and expectations of ourself in the face of a difficult moment becomes of outmost importance. Recognizing that our body and mind's projection and interpretation is perpetuating the challenges in our life may be the best way of rising above the sinking tide.

One way to help us change this is to create a break in the pattern of our body, our breath and our thoughts. Whenever you feel yourself struggling to float, try these simple tools:

- Shake your body, arms, legs, torso, hands, feet, slowly at first and then increase the intensity...Make sure you don't hurt yourself but shake as if you're trying to shake gooey stuff off of you.

- Take deep vigorous breaths - powerful long breaths in through you nose and out your nose for 3 minutes. You should be able to hear yourself breathe....think of a bull.

- Look up at the sky for 2 minutes without looking down. Repeat to yourself in your mind,

'This is a new moment and I am ready to meet it' or anything else that inspires you.

- Feel how your body reacts to the negative thoughts that might surface. What part of your

body feels tense. Breathe into that area and feel it relax. Repeat as often as possible.

Continue to do all and any of these exercises each time you feel the pull and drag of the tide of your thoughts and sinking sensations in your body, with some practice you will find that you are not just floating, but maybe even enjoying the ride.


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