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Finding Gratitude

Sometimes it's just not that easy to do. Sometimes it's hard to feel grateful for things when all we can see are challenges and obstacles in our way.

Fortunately, we can adapt, change and are chemically capable of shifting our minds, our bodies and emotions. Although all tools can work, practice and persistence can help in creating deeply rooted change.

Here are two tools that can help in finding an opening to the gratitude in your life.

Gratitude Mantra

Sitting up in a comfortable position with your back straight, arms by your side and hands with palms up on your thighs. If it's possible, I invite you to close your eyes. Begin to repeat, outloud or to yourself the words; 'Thank you, Thank you, Thank you' over and over again. You might find it challenging at first, and that's ok. Just keep repeating these two words and begin to notice the effects on your thoughts, your nervous system and your feelings of gratitude.

Noticing the new in old places

This may be done either sitting down as in the previous exercise, or as you walk or move around throughout your day. With eyes closed begin by taking three deep breaths, in and out. Slowly open your eyes and begin to scan your surroundings. Notice where your eyes gravitate to, are they the same familiar places, things? Now begin to look for new perspectives in those familiar places and things. Like in the way that plant bends towards the light, or the way the pebbles are arranged in your path. I wonder if you can for a moment, feel inspired by the newness of your surroundings and begin to feel the curiosity of being in a 'new' place. Take notice of the way your perspective has shifted and perhaps the feelings of gratitude that have begun to surface.


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