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Creating space inside this moment

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

You may have noticed that there are days when life seems more constricted, limited and demanding than others. Things just feel crammed and angled, creating tension inside and out.

If you are honest with yourself, you may even realize that, nothing may have changed in your world, yet the world feels very much changed to you somehow. We are cyclical beings. Our neurology, our emotional and psychological bodies as well as every system within us cycles. regenerating and renewing itself with each passing day. There are cycles within cycles and, despite our greatest efforts to remain aware of our own experiences, we can be easily swept into the reactivity of familiar patterns. Here we go again.

The pull of the familiar unkind cycles can tug deeply at our bodies, our minds and emotional selves. Despite our efforts at finding shelter from its force, we realize that we've too often succumbed to the accustomed stories, and that we've, once again, momentarily surrendered the ability to experience the freshness of the moment. What follows is unique to each of us. The repetitive thoughts and emotions which surface can be easily linked to our own beliefs of lack, unworthiness, fear, and are expressed in ways that only we understand.

So how do we get out? Slowly, then quickly but with great determination. Once we understand that we're done entertaining the negative loops of our mind, we can begin to take steps towards openness, neutrality, compassion. Begin by noticing the space surrounding you, the way in which you're connected to this moment. Notice the way your body fills the space around you, the angles created by objects in your field and the way in which your breath, your movements changes these angles and perspectives.

You may think of these activities as ways of creating space within the moment. You may begin to notice the subtleties of this type of awareness and the paucity in judgment and thought that this type of awareness has created. Feel each breath creating more space in your field, waves of warmth and electromagnetic material pouring from you and all around you blanketing your experience of yourself in a softer, kinder and more compassionate way. Continue to breathe and to focus on creating this space each time your mind tries to pull you back into a more restricted loop. It takes practice to train your mind to cycle in this way, with more neutrality, more compassion and more openness to the space inside this moment.


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