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Isa Soler,


Isa Soler, Therapist,

ExpatTherapyBarcelona is an English and Spanish speaking practice specializing in issues of trauma, depression, anxiety, life transitions, stress, grief, shame, cultural challenges due to the Expat experience and developmental childhood trauma. Psychotherapist Isa Soler offers a professional, supportive, confidential and nonjudgmental space where your issues can be heard and addressed.


Finding balance and regulation through the benefits of clinical, confidential and supportive psychotherapy...

Through the application of effective mind/body psychotherapeutic techniques, such as Yoga for Mental Health, IFS, EMDR, EFT, TRM, Guided Imagery, Meditation and Breathwork, processing and resolution of traumatic memories can be released and balance can be restored..

Processing old wounds and finding resolution through effective Mind/Body approaches..

Using our brain's innate capacity through Neuroplasticity to rewire, adapt and create patterns that serve us. 

Bringing awareness to the simple aspects of your life and finding resources in every moment..

Creating coherence, healing, focus and clarity through the practice of meditation, breathwork and guided imagery practices.. 

Isa Soler, Therapist,


I am a trained and licensed psychotherapist in the United States and have received two Master’s, one in Psychology and another in Sociology....


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