Trauma Work, CFT,
IFS Therapy Informed.

Trauma symptoms, whether from a long standing abusive childhood environment, a catastrophic event, or a perception of threat due to a sudden stressful event, can affect us for years to come if left unprocessed. Traumatic memories are stored differently than other memories in that they are primarily stored somatically, outside the reaches of reasoning cognitive processes. It affects our sensory and nervous system in deep and significant ways. Multiple studies of Mind/Body approaches, such as EMDR, Trauma Informed Yoga, Dance and Movement Therapy, Trauma Informed Guided Imagery, Compassion Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy and others have proven effective and beneficial not only in reducing the limiting and incapacitating symptoms of trauma but also develpo and expand networks of support, resourcefulness and safety that increase self-regulation. 


am U.S. trained and certified in several trauma informed psychotherapeutic practices and utilize mind/body approaches, such as EMDR, Trauma Informed Yoga and Movement. I recently completed  a Postgrad in Dance and Movement Therapy from UAB, as well as a Masters in Psychotherapy and EMDR with UNED. I utilize and have certifications in Guided Imagery, Clinical Hypnotherapy, EFT, TRM, EMDR and others. Currently I am training towards certifications in Compassion Focused Therapy and Internal Family Systems Therapy. These modalities have been extensively studied and proven to be beneficial in decreasing symptoms of trauma and the accompanying array of cognitive/emotional and physical impairments, such as depression, anxiety, feelings of guilt, shame, panic attacks, grief and isolation.  Most importantly, however, these techniques have been shown to increase, integration, regulation, resourcefulness and compassion to a new sense of self. 

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